Fish and seafood produce marking.
We offer wide range of industrial marking equipment to print best before dates, shift numbers, batch numbers on canned fish or whole full color labels on frozen fish or seafood boxes.

Laser marking equipment for marking canned fish.
Laser marking systems can be succesfully used to print best before dates, batch/lot numbers and other variable information on canned fish produce.

During laser marking top layer of paint is removed and high quality print is made on canned fish without damage to other layers of packaging.
Benefits of using laser instead of conventional inkjet printing to mark canned fish:
  • Economy - no ink, running costs reduced dramatically.
  • Reliability & Reduced downtime - no ink to clog up the system.
  • Security - impossible to counterfeit or erase marking.
Initial investment for laser marking system is greater than for inkjet printer, but modern laser marking systems provide long lifespan of over 500 000 working hours and does not consume ink or solvent.
Color label printing directly onto packaging.
Modern high resolution inkjet printers for color label printing directly on packaging.
UV printers can print high quality full label with colors on such materials as plastic and polysterene enabling fish and seafood processing plants to reduce cost on packaging labelling.
Color label can be printed directly on packaging saving the cost of pre printed boxes and expensive labels, also giving business great flexibility and independence from packaging suppliers.
Print what You need - when You need.
 High resolution - Multiple colors.
On any material.
Installations on fishing vessels. is one of very few companies that offer industrial marking equipment installations on fishing vessels - floating factories.
We can provide and install highly durable marking systems for date, shift, lot, barcode other variable information and even color label printing onto fishing vessels for direct product packaging marking while on sea.

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