Secure marking and coding solutions for meat packaging. offer innovative laser marking technologies for meat processing industry enabling replacement of outdated inkjet printers with new, competitive, maintenance and consumable free laser coding equipment.
Laser marking equipment for sausage marking.
TELESIS laser marking equipment can be successfully used to print best before dates, shift numbers and other variable information on sausage packaging materials.

Laser marking can be performed in two different ways:
  • Layer removal. ( CO₂ Lasers )
  • Marking with special lasers without layer removal.
For many years the most common laser marking technology in the food processing industry has been CO₂ Laser marking.

During the laser marking process using CO₂ Lasers the top layer of paint or material is removed and marking is made.
In some cases this technology can not be used because even slight damage to the product packaging can cause damage to the product itself over time.

This is why CO₂ Lasers are not suitable for some applications, such as direct sausage polyamide casing marking.
However laser marking technology is pretty much the only technology that can provide 100% secure marking solution and best before date falsification, especially for food products, is a serious problem so alternative solution for the industry was needed. in partnership with Telesis Technologies Inc. and ООО «ДПМ-Систем» is able to offer safe and secure method for marking best before dates on polyamide casings of sausages, cheese packaging film and other plastic food packaging.
High Contrast marking can be achieved with innovative and versatile laser marking systems form TELESIS.

Advantages of using laser instead of conventional inkjet printing to mark meat packaging:
  • Economy - no ink = no running costs.
  • Security - impossible to counterfeit or erase marking.
  • Reliability & Reduced Downtime - no ink to clog up the system.
Initial investment for laser marking system is greater than for inkjet printer, but modern laser marking systems provide long lifespan of over 500 000 working hours and does not consume ink or solvent.
Color label printing directly onto packaging.
Modern high resolution inkjet printers for color label printing directly on packaging.
High Resolution UV inkjet printers offer direct full label printing on packaging.
High Quality - on any material.
High Resolution - with multiple colors.
Print what You need - when You need it.
Color labels can be printed directly on packaging saving the cost of pre-printed boxes and expensive labels, also giving business great flexibility and independence from packaging suppliers.
Alongside color printing we also offer regular - single color or dual color piezo-electric industrial inkjet printers for product marking.
Kortho GraphicJet X72 (72mm)
Kortho GraphicJet X-Series - brochure
 Kortho Graphicjet X-Series - YouTube
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